Military History At the Historian’s Eye Network Has Launched

The Historian’s Eye Network (THEN) is excited to announce the launch of its newest website and blog.  Military History @ the Historian’s Eye went live today.

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Military History is broadly focused on all aspects of Military History throughout the world.  In the near future, a Military History video podcast series will also be rolled out as well.

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CBS: Navy Removes 7th Fleet Commander after Second Deadly Incident

The Navy announced overnight that it was removing Vice Admiral Joseph Aucoin from command of the U.S. 7th Fleet after a second deadly collision in three months of one of his ships.  The most recent collision was of the USS John S. McCain, in which 10 sailors are missing.

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Just three month ago, Aucoin reported on the deadly collision of the USS Fitzgerald with a merchant ship off the coast of Japan.  He promised a sweeping investigation.  In all this marks four incidents involving his ships in eight months.  He was set to retire next month.  Aucoin has lead the 7th Fleet since September 2015.

Admiral Scott Swift announced Tuesday he would get to the root cause of the incidents.  The Pacific Fleet is going to conduct what it calls a deliberate reset of all of their ships.  In other words, experts will be sent in to train all personnel.

CBS: U.S. Forces In Guam “Ready” to Counter Potential Clash with North Korea

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Vladimir Duthiers traveled to Guam’s Anderson Air Force Base to check out the United State’s readiness to address threats from North Korea using the small island.  Guam over 6,000 active military members on two bases (one naval and one air force).  The clip shows the base facilities and the B1 bombers stationed there, as well as the ordinance being assembled to deal with any possible threats from Kim Jung Un.